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Professional Ethics Case Study

A Structured Investment Product for Retail Customers

How do the CFA Institute’s principles of professional ethics apply to the marketing and distribution of a structured investment product to retail customers? 

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Inspired by recent final notices issued by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) against an investment bank and a retail financial services company, the issues considered in the case study include:

  1. Is it a misrepresentation to promote the structured product’s potential maximum return if it has only a low probability of being achieved?
  2. What steps should a CFA Charterholder take to comply with the duties of loyalty, prudence and care when distributing such a product to individual target customers?
  3. How should one approach the issue of suitability depending on whether the relationship with a target customer is advisory or non-advisory?
  4. What risks and limitations of a structured product should a CFA Charterholder bring to the attention of a prospective customer? 

The case study is fictional and is not intended to be an accurate or comprehensive summary of the facts of any cases or FCA’s findings.

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