DEI Theme 4

Professional Learning Plan:
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Effective Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies are becoming essential for thriving in today’s working environments. Understanding and developing skill to help build awareness of the many facets of DEI in the investment management industry and challenge some common perceptions – by completing all the modules in our DEI learning plan you will gain key knowledge to empower debate and identify small changes that can be made in your own career to ensure that the value and richness of diversity and inclusion can be delivered in your workplace.  

Duration: 2.25 hours
CPD Points: 2.25

On completion of this learning plan, you will understand:
  • What sits under each of the three DEI pillars
  • How to identify unconscious bias 
  • How to become culturally aware 
  • How to encourage neurodiverse individuals 
  • How to develop different communication styles 
  • How to offer fair opportunities for promotion 
  • How to support your own and your team's mental well-being 
  • How to improve DEI decision making 
  • How the industry needs to change to deliver on DEI       

Jane Styles

Module 1: Introduction to DEI

In this module Jayne Styles, Business Coach & Writer, provides a high-level introduction to DEI – diversity, equity and inclusion, and why it is so important to highlight diverse voices within our organisations. 

Duration: 15 minutes 
Module 1
Karolien Notebaert

Module 2: Unconscious bias and conscious inclusion

In this module Dr. Karolien Notebaert, Founder, Managing Director, Science & Leadership Academy outlines why we have unconscious biases, and what you can do to address them in your role.

Duration: 15 minutes 
Module 2
Mitesh Sheth, MBE

Module 3: Becoming culturally aware

In this module Mitesh Sheth, MBE, Chief Investment Officer, Multi-Asset at Newton Investment Management Group outlines why becoming culturally aware is integral to treating our colleagues as human beings, and understanding what drives them.

Duration: 15 minutes 
Module 3
Mark Ainsworth

Module 4: Neurodiverse teams

In this module Mark Ainsworth, Independent Consultant outlines the concept of neurodiversity – a movement that is redefining conditions such as autism and ADHD into strengths rather than weaknesses – and how to welcome neurodiverse people into your team. 

Duration: 15 minutes 
Module 4
Leanne Mair

Module 5: Developing different communication styles

In this module Leanne Mair, CEO & Founder, Benefactum Consulting outlines what you need to do to craft a distinctive style of communication that is true to yourself, and how this can help you challenge narratives around diversity, equity and inclusivity. 

Duration: 15 minutes 

Module 5
Sophie Hulm

Module 6: Fair opportunities for promotion

In this module Sophie Hulm, CEO, Progress Together outlines what we can do to help diverse talent excel and create equal opportunities for all.

Duration: 15 minutes 

Module 6
Lindsay Bass

Module 7: Supporting your own and your team’s mental well-being

In this module Lindsey Bass, Ambassador, Diversity Project – Investment Industry outlines steps that we can all take as managers, employers and colleagues to check in on others to keep spirits high. 

Duration: 15 minutes 

Module 7
Natalie Gill

Module 8: The realities of DEI decision-making

In this module Natalie Gill, Head of DEI Strategy & Industry Engagement, PGIM outlines her guide to making DEI decisions in the real world and how to make them correctly. 

Duration: 15 minutes 

Module 8
Sarah Maynard

Module 9: How industry needs to change to deliver on DEI

In this module Sarah Maynard, Global Senior Head, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, CFA Institute summarises the DEI Learning Plan, and introduces the CFA Institute’s DEI code as a framework for investors to follow on inclusion.

Duration: 15 minutes 

Module 9