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Valuations Index

CFA UK conducts a quarterly Valuations Index survey the respondents are asked how they would rate the following markets in terms of representing fair value on a one-year time horizon: 

  • Developed Market Equities
  • Emerging Market Equities
  • Government Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Gold

The research is not intended to provide a bellwether for the investment climate, or to dispute the notion that markets reflect fair value over the long-term. Over the long run, markets are efficient and investors broadly rational. However, at any single point in time, markets can temporarily depart from fundamental value - our research indicates which asset classes CFA UK members think may no longer offer significant value, based on current prices, and others where there might be more value for new investments. 

Ethical and Professional Standards Journalist and Publication awards

CFA UK recognises the journalist and publication who have done most to advocate high standards of ethical and professional behaviour in the investment sector in the past year. The awards are determined by a panel of senior CFA UK committee members who review multiple, anonymised submissions from leading national and investment publications.


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