CPD, or Continuing Professional Development, describes learning activities that investment professionals engage in to maintain their knowledge. At CFA UK, we offer CPD resources through our online learning platform, Professional Learning. CPD helps you adapt and grow your knowledge to stay ahead of the curve, and is also required for some certifications, such as the Statement of Professional Standing (SPS)



Why should I use CFA UK’s Professional Learning resources?

Our Professional Learning resources hub is the best place to access member only content from CFA UK, with recordings of our webinars offering the latest technical knowledge and advice from industry professionals.  CFA UK Professional Learning is tailored to your needs and simple to use.  We will automatically track any professional learning you complete online, giving you CPD credits, via our CPD Tracker. 


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How do I access the Professional Learning resources?

To access your Professional Learning resources, you will need to be a CFA UK member and log in to the main CFA UK website. If you have not yet registered for the site, here are the steps you need to take: 

  • Go to the ‘Login’ page on the CFA UK website and click on ‘Haven't got an account? Register with us’ 
  • You’ll need to enter an email address – please take note of the guidance below. *  
  • Create a password and submit the registration form 
  • Check your inbox for your activation email and activate your account 

*To ensure we match your membership in our systems and grant you access to your exclusive member benefits: 

  • Local members (previously IMC, Companion, CFA Candidate members) should register with the same email address that CFA UK email communications are sent to.  
  • Regular and Affiliate members should register with the same email address that is used for their CFA Institute account. 

I’m trying to log into the CFA UK Portal to access Professional Learning resources but am being told my email address isn’t recognised. What should I do?

Have you registered for your account? Members are required to register first, before logging on to the Portal. Please follow the steps in the CFA UK Portal FAQs to register for your account. 

If you experience any difficulties when trying to register for your account then please contact us on

I have signed up to the CFA UK website, but I still can’t access Professional Learning, what do I do next?

Did you register with the email address linked to your membership record? 

Regular and Affiliate members with CFA Institute should register with the same email address as the one you use to access your CFA Institute account.  

Local members, you will already have an account that you use to apply and renew your membership. So, you can proceed to Login. 

Email us at with the email address you registered on the CFA UK website with. 

For security reasons, please also provide two of the following pieces of information: Full name, date of birth, first line of address and postcode and a staff member will investigate and get back to you. Alternatively, you can call 0207 648 6200 and select option 2 to reach the membership team. 

What is Professional Learning?

Professional Learning (also known as Continuing Professional Development (CPD)) is something we all do to develop our knowledge and skills, and progress in our careers. 

Over 70% of CFA Institute members attest to annually completing 20 hours of professional learning – including 2 hours of ethics learning. 

CFA UK and CFA Institute do not have a professional learning requirement for members – learning is encouraged and is voluntary.

Will my Professional Learning be automatically logged?

Yes, any online professional learning you complete will be logged and CPD credits awarded via our CPD Tracker. 

Will all the Professional Learning I have completed be automatically logged?

No, currently only the professional learning you have undertaken online will be logged and awarded CPD credit. You can manually add CPD for live events and webinars to your CPD Log. 

Will my Professional Learning be logged if I complete in more than one sitting?

If you watch any of our CPD content in chunks - rather than all at once - you will still be able to automatically log your CPD. If you’ve come back to one of our pieces of content after viewing a portion of it previously, simply fast-forward to the point where you left off to ensure your CPD is recorded.

Do CFA Institute PL credits work the same way as CFA UK CPD hours?

Yes, one CFA Institute PL Credit is equivalent to 1 CPD hour. 

Can I log activity on the CFA Institute PL Tracker of less than 1 hour?

Yes, you can log activities in quarter hour increments (rounded to the nearest quarter hour).  The minimum you can log is 0.25 hours. 

Further information on CFA Institute’s Professional Learning program can be accessed in the CFA Institute Professional Learning (PL) Program Guidebook

Does CFA UK log event attendance automatically?

While CFA UK Professional Learning tracks the CPD you complete online automatically, it does not yet track your event attendance.

Can I download my CPD log?

Yes, there is a feature in the tool that allows you to export/print a report of the items in your record.


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