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Professional Learning Plan:
Economics in the Investment Process

This Learning Plan  has been developed by leading investment practitioners to help you extend your knowledge and stay ahead. Broken down into easy-to-digest modules, these targeted sessions provide approximately 1.5 hours of on-demand content covering the essentials of Economics Applied to the Investment Process. Designed so that you can understand the topics and take practical knowledge back to your jobs.

Duration: 1.5 hours
CPD Points: 1.5

On completion of this learning plan you will understand:
  • How the economic cycle helps predict equity returns
  • How economic data correlates to index level earnings
  • How economic cycles impact bond returns
  • How economic data links to currency returns
  • How to spot emerging market crises
  • How different inflation regimes impact asset returns

Mike Bell

Module 1: Equity Returns

In this module Mike Bell, CFA, Executive Director, Global Market Strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management outlines how economic cycles work, the drivers of these cycles, and how understanding them can help you more accurately predict equity returns. 

Duration: 16 minutes 

Module 1
Ed Smith

Module 2: Index Level Earnings

In this module Ed Smith, CFA, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Rathbones Group PLC outlines the correlation between earnings and economics, and how historical data presents a pathway to predicting earnings more precisely. 

Duration: 18 minutes 

Module 2
Sejuty Chowdhury

Module 3: Bond Returns

Sejuty Chowdhury, CFA, Investment Strategist, M&G Plc draws attention to how the economic cycle affects the bond market, and why economic instability can be just as impactful on this relatively stable asset class. 

Duration: 16 minutes 
Module 3
James Dolman

Module 4: Currency Returns

In this module James Dolman, CFA, Investment Strategist at Alium Dolman outlines how economic data is a useful indicator of future currency returns, and how to navigate the unique demands of this asset class. 


Duration: 15 minutes 

Module 4
Nandini Ramakrishnan

Module 5: Emerging Market Crises

In this module Nandini Ramakrishnan, Macro Strategist, Equities at JP Morgan Asset Management introduces you to emerging market crises, why emerging markets are particularly vulnerable, and the strategies you can adopt to avoid them. 

Duration: 15 minutes 
Module 5
Janet Mui

Module 6: Inflation and Asset Returns

Janet Mui, CFA, Head of Market Analysis, RBC Brewin Dolphin discusses inflation regimes, how different policy responses to the economy change the market environment, and how you can analyse markets more accurately by analysing regimes in-depth. 

Duration: 14 minutes 

Module 6