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Professional Learning Plan:
ESG Analysis, Valuation and Integration

This Professional Learning Plan has been developed by leading investment practitioners to help you extend your knowledge and stay ahead.

Broken down into easy-to-digest modules, these targeted sessions provide approximately 2 hours of on-demand content covering the essentials of ESG analysis. Designed so that you can understand the topics and take practical knowledge back to your jobs.

Duration: 2 hours
CPD Points: 2

On completion of this learning plan you will understand:
  • Whether ESG investing actually delivers superior financial returns; correlation and causation, different ESG dimensions and the importance of materiality
  • How to integrate ESG into the valuation process, understanding extra-financial factors and using third party scorecards / in-firm, proprietary scorecards
  • Different approaches to ESG analysis and valuation for equities, fixed income, consumer stocks and credit analysis

ESG Module 2

Module 1:
Introduction to ESG Investing: Does it work?

Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance at London Business School, explores whether ESG investing actually delivers superior financial returns and outlines the role different ESG dimensions play in the investment process.

Duration: 30 minutes
Module 1
AI and Traditional Investment Analysis

Module 2:
Best Practice in ESG integration

Ben Yeoh, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager at RBC Global Asset Management, investigates how to integrate ESG in the valuation process by understanding extra-financial factors and why using scorecards can help provide the right framework for insight.

Duration: 30 minutes
Module 2
ESG Module 3

Module 3:
Different approaches to ESG analysis

Industry experts discuss the different approaches to ESG equities analysis and risk measurement including qualitative and quantitative strategies, and how to assess ESG risks issues using risk-mapping methodologies.

Duration: 60 minutes
Module 3