Ethics Learning Plan

Maintain the highest professional standards with CFA UK's new Ethics Learning Plan.


This Learning Plan is based on CFA Institute’s case study “Buying Lubrizol: David Sokol’s Trades and the CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct”. However, differing from the initial case study, CFA UK has brought together specialists to consider nuances and aspects of the sequence of events, how they would be seen today, how they would be perceived in different areas of the globe and how things could have been handled differently.

On completion of this learning plan you will understand:

  1. What occurred during the Lubrizol purchase and why these actions raised ethical questions.
  2. What employer and employee could have done differently.
  3. How such a sequence of events would be perceived in the UK.
  4. How different places around the world would perceive these events differently.
  5. How the events can be seen from a rules and regulations perspective and how these regulations change over time.


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