Training courses

Training courses

Experience certified training to accelerate your career through one of our training provider partnerships

CFA UK is committed to developing our members’ careers by supporting expert and specialist training providers. Our partnership options provide CFA UK members with the opportunity to access high-quality training courses at a discounted rate. These practical courses give you skills and tools to enhance your current role or help you transition into new areas.  


Upcoming Courses:     

Communicating Successfully with Clients - 10th March 2023

Training partner: MSB Executive 

Format: Online training

Essential information:

Price:  £200 for CFA UK members/ non-members £250

This workshop is designed for people who are experts in their field and need to communicate this expertise to clients. In the financial services sector many of the strengths that make technical experts successful in their roles can make communicating with clients difficult. Outstanding analytical skills and the ability to focus on detail can make it challenging when we need to deliver clear and engaging messages to clients. This workshop gives participants a framework to focus on their clients, harness their technical knowledge and handle challenging questions. Specific areas covered will include:

  • Understanding what your client cares about and adapting your communication style accordingly.
  • Being clear on your key messages.
  • Building the relationship as well as delivering the message.
  • Dealing with challenging situations e.g. handling questions when you don't know the answers, dealing with different levels of sophistication within your audience and handling aggressive questions.
  • What happens when things go wrong: how to turn the moment of crisis into an opportunity to build trust for the future.

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Climate Bonds' GSS+ Bonds Training: 18, 19 and 20 April 2023

Training partner: Climate Bonds Initiative

Format: Online training

Essential information:

Price:  £450.00 + £ 90.00 VAT.

The proposed programme targets groups and individuals from the public and private sectors as well as members of civil society who are interested in learning about how sustainable finance, in general, and thematic labelled bonds, in particular, can incite the adoption of more sustainable practices in our economies. These include:

  • Issuers, potential issuers, or any organisation with bonding authority, e.g., governments, corporations, banks, etc.
  • Investors, e.g., mainstream institutional investors, ESG specialists and responsible investors, corporate treasury, sovereign and municipal governments, retail investors, insurance companies, etc.
  • Key actors supporting the sustainable finance agenda, e.g., underwriters, lawyers, external reviewers, credit ratings/indices, exchanges, regulators and supervisors, fiduciary agents, and financial auditors.
  • Other organisations upholding the sustainable finance agenda, such as think tanks, not-for-profit organisations, etc.

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Emotional Intelligence 1:1 Coaching Programme to up-level your performance at work

Training partner: msbexecutive

Format: Online training

Essential information:

Price: £800 for CFA UK members/ non-members £1,000


Emotional intelligence (EQ) is increasingly recognised as being the crucial factor in having a successful career and life. Employees with high emotional intelligence are more likely to stay calm under pressure, resolve conflict effectively, and respond to co-workers in a relaxed and empathetic manner. Improving your emotional intelligence not only increases your effectiveness at work, it’s also highly correlated with your happiness and well-being.

Working with a qualified performance coach is the ultimate tool to achieve the results you want for yourself and at work. As part of this programme you’ll receive:

  • A personalized report on your own Emotional Intelligence provided by the leading measure of Emotional Intelligence – the EQi 2.0 model

  • 3 x 1:1 coaching sessions (1 hour per session) with a Qualified Performance Coach. In these sessions, we’ll interpret your results and help you develop in the key areas to enhance your performance and help you to thrive in your work (and life!).


To take advantage of this offer please email mentioning your CFA membership. We will then arrange an initial call with your performance coach to answer any questions you have about the progamme, arrange your Emotional Intelligence Assessment and book in your coaching sessions.


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Terms and conditions: The courses listed are not CFA UK courses, they are courses curated and recommended by CFA UK in partnership with independent training providers. Course bookings are made directly with the training providers. Places on courses are allocated on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. Fees and payments are made directly with the course provider. You will agree to the course provider’s terms and conditions when booking your place – including their individual cancellation, transfer policies, liabilities, warranties and any other legal obligations.