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Careers centre FAQs

CFA UK are joining forces with CFA Institute careers centre to give our members a unified approach to accessing careers information and look for jobs.

Below you will find answers to the questions that we have been asked about this new approach.

How do I sign up to the new CFA UK careers centre?
If you are both a CFA Institute member and a CFA UK member you will be able to register and access our new jobs board by signing into your CFA Institute account using your existing username and password. The new url will go live on 17 September 2018.

What has changed? 
By joining with CFA Institute this is the first step to bring CFA UK members into a joined-up technology journey including single sign on with CFA Institute website and access to both local and global jobs and careers resources.

What does this mean for CFA UK members? 
The new site will feature local jobs to the UK and content that easily connects with the global CFA Institute Career Centre. The jobs will still be featured in the CFA UK weekly member email newsletter and you will still be able to access all the careers resources and careers events as part of your local society membership.

Why are my details not being transferred? 
Due to GDPR we are unable to transfer your details from one system to another. As there will be a single sign-on process with CFA Institute registering with the new site will be very straightforward. You will need to re-upload any CV or re-set your job alerts to continue your job search.

What will happen to the data you hold on me? 
All the personal data that was previously held via the incumbent CFA UK careers centre will be deleted. There will be anonymous aggregated information kept for benchmark reporting purposes.

What will happen if I don’t create a new profile? 
Your profile will not be visible to hiring employers on the Career Centre and will not receive any job alerts.

Do I need to do anything? 
To get the most out of the careers centre we encourage you to create profile and upload CV.

What will happen to the old service? 
It will no longer be available after 16 September.

Who can I contact? 
If you have any questions please email 

When will the new site live? 
The site will be launched with the new URL on 17 September. CFA UK registered job seekers will receive email notification. 

I am not a member with CFA Institute, only CFA UK – what does this mean for me?
As you are a local member with CFA UK you will currently be unable to register with the new affiliate careers site. You will still be able to access the job listings and careers resource information including careers events, however you will be unable in the first instance to create a profile or set up job alerts. If you have the applicable qualification and work experience you can apply for CFA Institute membership. We will keep you informed of developments to bring all CFA UK members into the CFA Institute technology roadmap.

As an employer, what does that mean for my firm’s recruitment needs? 
We invite you to visit the CFA Institute career centre and create a new employer account – this will allow you to post jobs in the new environment. Our team at CFA UK can help you with any questions – please email Data from previous job postings will be anonymised and used for aggregated reporting. All direct transactional data will be deleted from the old site as this will be turned off.

What will the pricing package be for employers? 
The revised pricing page will be posted live when the job board launches.