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CFA UK Board Nominations 2022

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The CFA UK Nominating Committee is inviting nominations for two vacancies expected to arise on the Society’s Board from November 2022. The deadline for nominations is 27 June 2022.

We are actively seeking nominations of Regular Members of the Society, but you do not need to be a CFA Charterholder and you can nominate yourself. We are looking for people who can contribute effectively to robust strategic thinking and operational oversight. The Board is committed to creating diversity and is looking to increase diversity on the basis of gender, geographic origin, ethnicity, age and other factors.

For the current vacancies the nominating committee is likely to prioritise selection of individuals who can demonstrate one or more of the following experience:

  • Financial oversight (including potentially FX experience) – ensuring effective governance and oversight of an organisation’s financial position, resources and prospects and its system of controls and risk management
  • IT/digital
  • Sales and marketing
  • An understanding of how those working across the investment community acquire skills and knowledge through qualifications, professional learning and training and experience in assessing educational needs and opportunities
  • Society knowledge gained through other volunteering activities or experience of building community within a membership organisation.

Responsibilities and activities 

  • Act as a statutory director of the society, complying with the general duties of directors, acting with integrity and upholding the board’s code of conduct
  • Prepare for and attend one board meeting per quarter (generally held in London on a Tuesday evening but also accessible remotely), a longer annual strategy meeting in person and the society’s annual general meeting
  • Undertake other volunteering roles as appropriate, for example as a member or chair of one or more of the society’s committees and/or as an officer of the board
  • Attend society and CFA Institute events in order to represent the board and the society and to engage actively with our members
  • Undertake an initial induction programme and subsequent development activities in order to ensure you have, and keep up to date, the right knowledge and skills to perform the role
  • Commitment for a maximum term of six years

Why apply? 

There are many benefits to giving your time to being part of a board, and your involvement in the CFA UK board not only helps you to raise your profile but also allows to be part of an organisation which moves the dial in your profession. 

You will gain: 

  • Satisfaction from making a difference to the long-term strategy and prospects of CFA UK
  • Deeper insight into the society and CFA Institute
  • Enhanced profile from being part of the CFA UK board
  • Development of your leadership and governance skills through our board induction programme and other development activities
  • Recognition for your contribution in shaping and delivering services to the membership
  • The “shared experience” of volunteering – you can learn more about what to expect from volunteering in our FAQs

Selection process >>

The role of CFA UK's Board is to set the Society's strategic direction and oversee our activities to ensure that the society furthers the interests of the investment profession. The nominating committee assesses the balance of the Board and any areas for enhancement of the Board’s collective skills, experience, knowledge and diversity that anticipated vacancies are likely to create. This assessment has informed the priorities outlined above.

Nominations (see How to Apply below) are invited and self-nominations are welcome.

Following receipt of nominations, the nominations committee will undertake a selection process which is likely to comprise:

  • An initial review of nominations based on the information contained in the nomination forms received,
  • Structured conversations between shortlisted nominees and one or more members of the nominating committee in order to explain more about the role and explore those nominees’ qualifications, knowledge, experience, skills and willingness to undertake the role if appointed,
  • Further shortlisting of nominees and second-round interviews conducted by one or more nominating committee members who were not involved in the relevant nominee’s first round conversations,
  • Final selection of the preferred candidates for recommendation to the board at its September meeting,
  • Proposal to members of the selected nominees for appointment at this year’s annual general meeting in November.

Find out more about the nominating committee.


Application criteria >>

Any CFA UK Regular Member is eligible to be considered for a position on the CFA UK Board.  You do not need to be CFA Charterholder and you are welcome to self-nominate. The nominating committee is particularly keen to encourage nominations of members that contribute to Board diversity.

In considering whether to nominate a fellow member or yourself, you should give thought to criteria such as experience, vision, commitment and their ability to represent the Society.  The role will involve considerable time commitment over several years.  As well as attending quarterly Board meetings, an annual strategy meeting and the AGM, Board members are also encouraged to attend other CFA UK events in order to engage with members and may also volunteer in other capacities, for example as a member or chair of a committee. Occasionally, particularly for officers, there may be a requirement to attend international CFA leadership events.

We are looking for members who display the following attributes:

  • Knowledge of how sustainable investment is developing and being integrated within investment decision-making processes and practices,
  • Ability to think strategically and provide robust operational oversight and challenge. Cognitive diversity is actively encouraged,
  • Willingness to contribute actively to meetings, 
  • Self-motivated to follow through on tasks between meetings,
  • Able to work as part of a team and on occasion lead a small sub-group to complete tasks,
  • Board and governance experience, although a full induction and on-going development opportunities will be provided to help develop appropriate skills and knowledge,
  • Desire to show courtesy and respect to other members of the Board, volunteers, members and staff.

How to apply >>

Download the nomination form and submit via email by 27 June 2022. Late nominations may be considered in certain circumstances.