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Results notifications timetable

CFA UK's results and certification timetable is as follows:

 Provisional results notification (In person)

Provisional results (Online)

Official results confirmation (Post)

 On the day of the exam at the test centre

3 working days after examination

Within 21 days after the examination

Important information

  • Please ensure your contact details are current and correct, CFA UK will not be held responsible should you not receive your official confirmation letter or certificate. All requests for a change of address must be made in writing to 
  • CFA UK does not release the exact score or provide details of which questions candidates answered correctly or incorrectly.
  • The IMC is a pass or fail exam.
  • Results (provisional or official) will not be given over the telephone.
  • All IMC results are provisional until the official confirmation is issued.
  • Candidates must notify CFA UK if official confirmation not received within 3 months of the exam date to receive a replacement certificate. After 3 months candidates will be required to pay for a replacement IMC certificate.

The pass mark

When IMC examinations are constructed an average difficulty for the whole examination is established and this determines the correct pass mark. The average difficulty may vary slightly from one examination to the next, but this is carefully balanced by slight variations in the pass mark using psychometric analysis. In this way we are able to keep the pass challenge strictly consistent between examinations and over time.

Although we do not rigidly fix the pass mark (for the psychometric reasons stated) the pass mark for the Unit 1 exam seldom varies from between 65% and 75% of all scored questions.
The pass mark for the Unit 2 exam seldom varies from between 60% and 70% of all scored questions.

Pass rates

There are no test ‘hurdles’ in the IMC. To pass the examination, candidates need to achieve an overall pass score regardless of where the marks were distributed throughout the examination. 

Next steps after the results

Regardless of the result all candidates will be sent an official confirmation

Pass Fail Absent
Total score or grade will not be provided View areas of weakness online 3 working days after examination Reregister and pay the full exam fee before scheduling new exam sitting
A breakdown will not be provided Reregister and pay full exam fee before scheduling new exam sitting Apply for Special Considerations if candidates have experienced adverse circumstances 
Passed singular unit register for next unit to gain Full IMC    
Full IMC achieved Become an IMC member    

Areas of weakness  

only provided when candidates fail the IMC exam

When candidates’ overall mark falls short of the required pass mark they will receive an ‘Overall Weakness’ level which is categorised further to provide a rough indication of where the candidate lost marks.The Areas of Weakness are not part of the scoring process and do not form part of the examination result.

Key for Areas of Weakness:

   1 - 5%  
6 - 15%
More than 15%
 Percentage short of standard required to pass

Replacement IMC certificate

Candidates can request a replacement IMC certificate. All requests are required in writing (via email or post) containing the following information:

  • Candidates full name 
  • Candidate Date of Birth 
  • A photocopy / scanned copy of the candidates passport or UK photo drivers license 
  • Payment for the £30 charge for the replacement certificate can be made by:
  • Completing & sending the payment form and we will call the candidate to obtain card payment or
  • Posting a cheque to CFA UK made payable to 'The CFA Society of the UK'. 
    Please note that the replacement certificate will be posted to the candidate only.

Join CFA UK as a IMC member

To be eligible, you must  have gained the Full IMC qualification first, once you are a member you can benefit from:

  • Using the IMC designation after your name to showcase your qualification 
  • Taking advantage of our career support services including 20 free career-related events per year and access to our Careers Centre 
  • Attending networking and educational events and conferences, with over 50 events per year free to members 
  • Getting unlimited access to our online Knowledge Centre where you will find filmed events, webcasts, podcasts, articles and presentations
  • Getting involved in the investment community as a volunteer.