Ethical Leadership Programme

‘The growing dimensions to the job mean the whole ethical environment has become increasingly complex’

Leading involves coping with many challenges. To thrive and make a difference in the current climate means developing a creative and open approach to leadership based on a solid ethical foundation built on trust and transparency.   

CFA UK are now in their 4th year of partnership with Duke Corporate Education and the Ethical Leadership Programme aimed at current and future leaders across the investment profession. The programme  provides leaders, who take daily business decisions that impact on clients, with the skills, techniques and experience to deal with ethical issues. Participants will then be able to take these key learnings back to their firms to encourage and help others in their organisations to deal with those issues effectively. View the testimonials from previous participants.

CFA UK recognises that it is important for companies to focus on issues around creating an ethical work culture. This programme promotes the need to have a high level of integrity, support continuous training and encourage leaders to lead by example, ultimately putting the client at the centre of their business.

The Ethical Leadership Programme has been designed to support and complement the modules from the CFA Program. It will also give participants the ability to:

  • deal with complex issues and dilemmas calmly and effectively;
  • develop a more broadly informed and resilient approach to decision-making;
  • act with integrity, especially in challenging circumstances;
  • develop a framework for responding wisely and with careful consideration in such circumstances;
  • bring out the best in yourself and in the people and organisations you lead.

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