The future of food and building a sustainable supply chain

Tuesday 10 October 2023 | 18:30 - 20:30 | Evening Event

This is an in-person networking and knowledge sharing opportunity organised by CFA UK’s Sustainability Community

Are you working in venture capital, asset management or consultancy - if so, how aware are you of the challenges in future food security and supply chain? It may feel like an insurmountable challenge, however with innovation and awareness of the opportunities, there is a pivotal role for investors. 

Hear from a panel of experts who will provide insights into market opportunities and trends for the climate-smart food sector: 

  • Food Waste Reduction: Understand the scale of food waste in our supply chains and become aware of how we, as consumers, can help to address this. Speakers will highlight a working example from a UK charity who connect surplus food to charities and schools to healthy meals and help the most vulnerable people in our society, reducing not only waste but improving companies' sustainability practices. 
  • Innovation in Bio-Based Products: Understand the current investments and best practices around sustainable agriculture, with some examples of innovative products addressing climate change. 
  • Vertical Farming: Recognise the role that vertical farming can play in making agriculture more sustainable, including through lowering carbon emissions and water saving.  

Join us to learn how investors can support and promote climate smart-food solutions through guiding allocation of capital and financial resources to accelerate this transition.


Registration: 18:00
Event: 18:30 - 20:30


Aileen Thomson, Felix Project

Aileen Thomson is Head of Philanthropy and Stewardship at The Felix Project, a charity which rescues surplus food and delivers it community organisations and schools in London. Prior to joining The Felix project in 2021, Aileen worked for charities in Oxford and London supporting work in animal welfare, higher education, and medical research.

Aileen works closely with individual philanthropists and families looking to make a tangible difference to their communities and to the third sector in London.

Martin Driscoll

Martin Driscoll, is an ecologist and has worked in the field of Global Food Security for many years.  He is a crop nutritionist and soil health advocate, developing sustainable remedial products from plant extracts and biproducts to mitigate the devasting droughts and wildfires induced by climate change. Utilising a proprietary process to obtain vitamins, betaines and complex bioactive molecules from seaweed harvested off the Irish coast, yucca propagated in Mexico and a range of terrestrial plant biomass from India.

These organic materials are then used to create a range of bio-based solutions that enhance crop health, quality, and yield, while also mitigating climate induced barriers to the commercial profitability of farming enterprises. The goal is focused on improving farm incomes while also securing global food security.

Edwin Morgan, Director of Communications, Harvest London

Edwin is a Director of Communications at Harvest London, sharing how vertical farming can help to build a more sustainable food system, without reducing choice. Prior to, Edwin spent 10years with the IoD in communications and as Director of Policy.  

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