Geopolitics, energy and climate – correlation and what it means for capital markets

Thursday 19 September 2024 | 18:30 - 20:30 | Evening Event

Meet our star guest, Jonathan Maxwell, author of The Edge and Founder of SDCL.

Energy is the biggest contributor to emissions and most energy is wasted; about 75% is lost in extraction conversion and transportation. When we look at the reasons behind geopolitical conflicts, such as in Ukraine and Taiwan, we understand that we are competing for resources. Meanwhile we are wasting most of them.

Climate, energy, and geopolitics are intrinsically linked.  This session will tackle:

  • How to translate these into investment themes and business strategies
  • What it means for energy commodities and capital markets#
  • What you can do about it

Jim Totty, Viridis Capital, our host, will be speaking to Jonathan on these and other hot themes. After that you will enjoy an hour of networking with investors and CFA UK Sustainability Community members.

Find out more about the world of The Edge and get ready for tomorrow’s world.

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