How family offices can excel in PE and VC fund investing

Thursday 25 January 2024 | 18:30 - 20:30 | Evening Event

Spend an evening discovering the crucial aspects of evaluating PE and VC funds. Gain a better understanding of the latest trends in the industry and develop a comprehensive due diligence checklist. The checklist will highlight seven major categories each investor needs to be aware of when considering investing in private equity funds.  
By the end of this insightful session, investors, financial professionals and service providers will be able to ask valuable questions during the private equity fund due diligence process. It will also give you an insight into cutting-edge topics such as GP-led secondariescontinuation funds and GP stakes investing.

Once the session has concluded, please join us for drinks and continue the conversation while building your network. 


Registration: 18:00 - 18:30
Event: 18:30 - 19:30
Networking: 19:30 - 20:30


Steve Balaban, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Mink Capital

Steve Balaban, CFA, is a thought leader on private equity with experiences as an investor, advisor and award-winning lecturer. He is the Chief Investment Officer of Mink Capital where he advises, consults and educates family offices on how to invest in private equity. 

Steve is also an award-winning lecturer at the University of Waterloo where he has created new courses on private equity, wealth management and the international course, a course that takes students to different areas of the world each year. His approach to education is unique as he uses innovative technologies and experiential teaching methods to explain concepts to his students. 

In an effort to educate his students and the general public about private equity, Steve launched a one-of-a-kind Private Equity YouTube Channel to make the complex world of private equity simple. This channel has received over 700,000 views and counting: Steve Balaban – Private Equity YouTube Channel.

Steve is also a contributing author on the subject of private equity for CFA Institute and he served on the Board of Directors for CFA Society Toronto.

Prior to Mink Capital and the University of Waterloo, Steve worked at Dunkley Capital where he invested in private equity, including a consolidation of billboard companies throughout Canada where he served as President of Stellar Outdoor Advertising.

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