Jason Voss – Spot company deception and improve your returns

Thursday 12 October 2023 | 18:30 - 20:30 | Evening Event

Are you confident you can spot when a company is being deceptive?

98% of investment pros say that if a company is being deceptive about key issues it changes their opinion about investing in it. Yet, scientific research has shown that investment pros are very poor at detecting deceptiveness, with just a 39% success rate. Still other research shows that investment pros rate their ability to detect deception at 68%.

Jason Voss, CFA,  author of Lie Detection Guide: Theory and Practice for Investment Professionals, points out that pros like him and you are flying blind when it comes to deception detection capabilities. Investment professionals report that the skill they lack formal training in the most is management interview techniques.

At this informal presentation and networking, Jason will provide some deception detection techniques that will give you the edge


Registration: 18:00 - 18:30
Event: 18:30 - 19:00
Networking: 19:00 - 20:30


Jason Voss, CFA, CEO, Deception And Truth Analysis (D.A.T.A.), Inc

Jason Voss, CFA, is the CEO of Deception And Truth Analysis (D.A.T.A.), Inc, which provides highly accurate deception and truth analysis of almost any text. Prior to that he was CEO of Active Investment Management (AIM) Consulting, LLC, a firm that advised some of the largest global investment managers on how to improve their process and execution for delivering increased alpha.

Jason is also the retired co-portfolio manager of the Davis Appreciation and Income Fund. During his tenure the fund bested the S&P 500 by 49.1%, was Lipper #1, a Morningstar analyst pick, and one of the first ten funds awarded Morningstar’s stewardship grade “A.”

Previously, Jason served as the Director of Content for CFA Institute where his job was to help its 160,000 members’ skills stay cutting edge. While there, with criminal justice professionals, he conducted history’s first research into the deception detection capabilities of investments pros, resulting in two pieces of research published in the Journal of Behavioral Finance. This culminated in the publication of the co-authored Lie Detection Guide: Theory and Practice for Investment Professionals.

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