Wednesday webinar at one: The global research revolution - What you need to know and do

Wednesday 10 April 2024 | 13:00 - 13:40 | Webinar

After nearly a decade of Trans-Atlantic research regulatory divergence (MiFID II), upcoming adjustments in both the UK and EU research frameworks suggest a possible shift towards a unified global research model. 

There are both substantial risks and opportunities. 

With new UK research funding rules in place by the end of June 2024 (at the latest), market participants need to start thinking about what are the risks?  How will asset owners react?  What needs to change in the asset managers’ research process, and what are the implications for the research market overall? 

Join Neil Scarth, Frost Consulting as he investigates these risks and opportunities, and how UK/EU managers can take advantage of re-regulation by fashioning a more sustainable research funding framework that: 

- Places them on equal footing with US managers
- Reduces market-related risks in research funding
- Improves profitability
- Underpins their ESG franchises 

Registration: 12:55
Event: 13:00 - 13:40


Neil Scarth, Principal, Frost Consulting

Neil Scarth, Principal at Frost Consulting, is an acknowledged authority on investment research valuation/allocation strategies, designed to help asset managers navigate complex global regulatory landscapes. Frost platforms empower asset managers to optimize their research return on investment (ROI)

Neil has published on research related topics with the CFA UK, CFA Institute and Stanford University, amongst others.

Frost Consulting has ongoing active engagement with regulators and market participants related to research issues on a Trans-Atlantic basis, including the critical evolving interface between asset managers and asset owners.  Neil’s regulatory influence has encompassed the period leading up to, and during MiFID II, through the recent UK Research Review and EU Listing Acts that will succeed MiFID.

Neil has held diverse positions in asset management and investment banking, ranging from leading equities businesses at global banks to managing a spectrum of asset management equity products in both the US and Europe.

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