Wednesday webinar at one: Does skill exist and what would it look like?

Wednesday 29 June 2022 | 13:00 - 13:40 | Webinar

Investment skill is the raison d’être of the asset management industry, managers sell it and clients pay for it. In spite of this, empirical evidence of its existence, and what it looks like in practice, is sparse; in fact there is a mountain of words, papers and opinions arguing that it’s as likely to be spotted as the extinct dodo.

In this session, Rick Di Mascio, Chief Executive Officer of Inalytics seeks to fill that gap: using the Inalytics’ database to show that there are skilful managers who generate alpha in excess of fees, and more importantly the specific elements of the investment process that generate that alpha.

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Event: 13:00 - 13:40

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Rick Di Mascio, Chief Executive Officer, Inalytics

Rick Di Mascio joined the British coal pension fund in 1979 and eventually held the joint roles of CIO and CEO. At that time the fund was one of the largest pension funds in the UK. Rick’s career included spells at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and an early European Long / Short hedge fund Olympus Capital.

Inalytics was established 20 years ago by Rick to provide objective empirical measures of investment skill. Inalytics’ clients include some of the world’s largest and smallest fund Managers, sovereign wealth funds, and pension funds, in some 11 countries. 

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