Wednesday webinar at one: Leadership for finance professionals go beyond numbers

Wednesday 17 May 2023 | 13:00 - 13:40 | Webinar

Organisations are complex webs of stories. As a finance professional in a leadership position, you may be tempted to cut through the confusing interlacing of emotions, personal agendas and politics and instead rely first and foremost on hard numbers to make your decisions.

This 40-minute webinar by leadership scholar Dr. Emilia Bunea, CFA and a former CFO in large organisations will:

  • Discuss why and how exercising leadership and influence is needed together with, and sometimes before, flexing your financial analysis muscle
  • Draw on excerpts from “Crossroads Life”, a film based on the real-life case of a newly promoted CFO in a major financial corporation.


Registration: 12:55
Event: 13:00 - 13:40


Dr Emilia Bunea, CFA, CEO, Inc

 Dr. Emilia Bunea, CFA is the CEO of Inc, an edtech company with the mission to make education irresistible. She holds a PhD in Management from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and her research on leadership has been published in Human Resource Management Review, Frontiers of Psychology, Harvard Business Review online and Academy of Management Proceedings. Dr. Bunea spent 15 years as a CFO in several multinational companies. Most recently she was CEO of a financial services organisation with 2 million customers.

Dr. Bunea also has extensive non-executive experience, currently as board member of an asset management company. She has lectured on leadership across the world and has produced an award-winning film tracing a senior executive’s leadership journey.  Dr. Bunea gave a widely viewed TED talk on leadership at London Business School, and is the author of Psychology Today’s blog “To Manage is Human”.

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