Wednesday webinar at one: Natural capital - Investing in the ocean and blue economy

Wednesday 30 June 2021 | 13:00 - 13:40 | Webinar

This webinar has been organised by CFA UK's ESG working group 

The blue economy, a term introduced in 2012 by the United Nations, captures the economic potential of the ocean, as well as the need to focus on its preservation. The blue economy can be described as a subset of the entire ocean economy that uses ocean resources sustainably for economic growth, improved likelihoods and jobs, and ocean ecosystem health.

The ocean economy is becoming unpredictable due to issues such as excess greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, overfishing and plastic pollution. Increasingly, GHG emissions affect the ocean’s ability to provide oxygen, support the base of the food web, and moderate our weather. Overfishing goes beyond marine impacts and can lead to disruption in the seafood supply chain. Plastic pollution is emerging as a threat to our marine ecosystems but can be addressed by new solutions in recycling and alternative packaging. 

In this session, Rolando Morillo, Rockefeller Asset Management Portfolio Manager, will explore these relevant topics and how they impact the ocean and blue economy. He will also discuss how investors can approach these changing dynamics and invest in the blue economy in a sustainable way.

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Event: 13:00 - 13:40

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Rolando Morillo, Portfolio Manager, Rockefeller Asset Management

Rolando Morillo is a Senior Vice President and serves as a Portfolio Manager for Rockefeller Asset Management’s thematic equity offerings, including the climate solutions strategy and the Credit Suisse Rockefeller ocean engagement strategy. Prior to joining the ESG Team, he worked as an Equity Analyst, focused on Latin America and renewable energy.

Rolando worked at UBS Private Banking-Latin America division as a portfolio assistant before coming to Rockefeller in 2000. He holds a B.S. in environmental economics and geography from Rutgers University, has completed studies in Seville, Spain, and is pursuing an Executive MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University.

Rolando serves on the board of directors for the foundation arm of the American rainwater catchment systems association (ARCSA).

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