Wednesday webinar at one: Position yourself as a thought leader on social media

Wednesday 28 April 2021 | 13:00 - 13:40 | Webinar

Being perceived as a thought leader helps you attract people who are interested in your subject matter expertise. Your opinions and thoughts matter, and you change people’s perspectives and motivate them to act. You are deeply interested in the subject you want to be known for- almost to the point of obsession.

In this webinar brought to you by CFA UK's Careers Management working group, Eric Sim, CFA, will help you build your online presence as a leader using social media to inspire and create impact.

  • Develop a social media strategy for thought leaders
  • Build a powerful online presence that elevates your status to a leader
  • Tell personal stories with universal applications
  • Attract followers and develop HQC (high quality connections)
  • Write LinkedIn articles that get lots of engagement
  • Create video to distribute your content
  • Engage in offline activities that will support your online effort
  • Be authentic, be real

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Registration: 12:55

Event: 13:00 - 13:40


Eric Sim, CFA, Founder, Institute of Life

Eric Sim, CFA, is one the most followed thought leaders globally. In 2020, he was on both LinkedIn Singapore top voices and LinkedIn China spotlight lists for his content and contribution. Professionals around the world regularly seek his advice on career and life skills. Eric is the Founder of Institute of Life (IOL) whose mission is to train professionals to become successful at work and in life.

Previously when based out of Hong Kong, Eric served as a Managing Director at UBS AG Investment Bank and as an adjunct associate professor of finance at HKUST. He speaks regularly on career skills at CFA events in the Middle East and Asia, and has trained companies such as KPMG in London and UBS in Hong Kong.

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