Wednesday webinar at one: Speaking with authority - How to use the power of your voice

Wednesday 23 June 2021 | 13:00 - 13:40 | Webinar

This webinar will focus on techniques to help you use your voice effectively at work and in life. The session will cover:

  • Using your voice to engage your audience
  • Increasing the impact of your message by connecting how you speak with what you are saying
  • Using the 'five p's' to engage your audience
  • The role of good breathing in confident communication

Where recordings are made, these are a member benefit that are accessed through the member-only platform, CFA UK Discover.


Registration: 12:55

Event: 13:00 - 13:40 


Steven Maddocks, Head of Voice Coaching, Communication Specialists MSB Executive

The webinar will be led by Steven Maddocks who is Head of Voice Coaching for Communication Specialists MSB Executive. Since training as an actor, Steven has worked in almost every area of theatre, including acting, writing, producing and directing. He also runs a drama school for children and adults, where he teaches drama and public speaking.

As a Voice Coach, he works with professionals across a range of industries and at all levels of seniority. Drawing on his theatrical training and experience, Steven teaches vocal and physical techniques to help his clients communicate brilliantly and effectively under pressure, whether they are presenting to large groups or negotiating across the meeting room table.

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