Harnessing curiosity to drive your career

Friday 28 September 2018

What is curiosity and why is it important for us to harness this skill? Check out Karen Kwong’s presentation to find out the key drivers to help you get the best out of your career [no sound].



This presentation has been designed to help you discover the questions that you need to answer to drive your career in the direction that you want it to go.

  • Have you ever struggled with being overlooked for promotions?
  • Do you find yourself stuck in directionless board meetings which result in stalemates?
  • Do you have tense and difficult relationships with your managers/peers/employees?
  • Is your business strategy really as good as you think?
  • Are your clients as loyal to you as you assume?

Curiosity is intrinsic within us and yet is rarely practised the older we become and the more of an expert we are in our fields. By actively harnessing our innate curiosity, we can help ourselves transform:

  • our own self-awareness,
  • our understanding of others
  • which in turn will lead to more productive behaviours and improved performance,
  • thereby achieving the outcomes that we desire.

About Karen

Karen Kwong is a highly experienced executive and business psychology coach, as well as the founder of Ren Organisational Consulting Ltd based in London.

RenOC was founded in 2013 by Karen who, having spent 15 years at a senior level in the fund management industry, decided to focus upon those aspects of her career that she found most rewarding – getting the best out of people. Consequently, Karen enrolled on a masters in organisational psychology.

Karen combines skills, experience and knowledge with psychology-based insights to help individuals rediscover and reinvigorate themselves professionally. Her clients include individuals and organisations within a variety of sectors including: financial services; engineering; luxury goods and services; project management; and PR and communications. She also works with many social enterprises and charities in a similar capacity.