In conversation with Lisa Lewin, CFA. Member of CFA Society UK

Tuesday 11 September 2018

We asked some of our members to share insights into their experience, what’s driving their career and how they got to where they are now. Passion, thirst for knowledge, networking and a proactive approach to professional development can go a long way. Take a look at our programme for opportunities to invest in your career:

“Analytical ability and a willingness to work hard”

Lisa Lewin, CFA used interests she discovered whilst studying for the CFA Program to drive her career forward.

I work in country risk analysis, which involves understanding how countries are evolving politically and economically. The financial markets are a key driver of that evolution. As such, I have found it very beneficial to be able to draw upon the broad base of knowledge that the CFA curriculum has given me. 

Furthermore, working in a bank, it is particularly useful to have an understanding of bonds. Concepts such as yield, tenor and covenants come up frequently in discussions with colleagues. 
Aside from the technical knowledge, the CFA exams required effective time management, diligence and tenacity – all of which are highly valued in the workplace as well. 

Key successes 
Since I gained the CFA charter in 2014, I have changed role twice. Firstly, I was promoted to a Global Economist role at BMI Research (Fitch Group) in November 2014. 

Secondly, I was appointed as an Associate Director in the Country Risk department at Mizuho in February 2018. While neither move was directly attributable to my  CFA charter, I believe that it was one element that helped me to stand out from the pack of candidates. The CFA qualification is widely recognised and well-respected across the financial services industry. It signals a breadth of knowledge on the financial markets, analytical ability and a willingness to work hard. 

Getting involved 
I first became involved with CFA Society UK through attending study sessions that the society hosted, in preparation for the CFA exams. I found these sessions to be really useful; they helped me to master some challenging topics such as derivatives. Over the past few years, I have attended many useful after-work talks, for instance on industry developments such as Mifid II, and soft skills including presenting and networking. I have also enjoyed the eminent speaker series; Sir Mervyn King’s discussion at the Royal Institution was particularly memorable. 

At each event, there has been an opportunity to meet other members of CFA Society UK, and I’ve had many interesting conversations and made several valuable contacts this way

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Career path

Current position

  • Associate Director, Country Risk, Mizuho

Previous positions

  • Global Economist at BMI Research (Fitch Group)
  • CFA Charter 2014
  • Head of Sub-Saharan Africa Analysis at BMI Research (Fitch Group)
  • Emerging Markets analyst at BMI Research (Fitch Group)
  • Business Development at Aberdeen Asset Management


  • Graduated with an MA in Economics
  • from University of Cambridge