CFA UK survey on career development

Wednesday 3 October 2018

As part of our "Invest In Your Career" campaign, we asked you to share some insights into your approach to professional development and career needs.  We found that 96% of you believe that lifelong learning is key to progression in your career and 89% regularly dedicate time to learning and upskilling.

When it comes to taking your career forward, we found that the top three areas you would like to focus on are:

  • β—‹Gaining insight into major industry trends (ESG; behavioural finance, big data, etc.) - 50%
  • β—‹Improving your knowledge and understanding of different asset classes - 41%
  • β—‹Building your network - 33%

Managing people, negotiating and influencing, and developing leadership skills were also high on the agenda with 27% each.

A job for life is an increasingly rare concept and we saw during this campaign that our industry and career paths are constantly evolving. It is therefore not surprising that as many as four in ten respondents (43%) have said they would be open to new career opportunities in the next six months. In such a competitive environment, proactively managing your career development is more important than ever.

While lifelong learning is front of mind for most of you, only one in two (55%) respondents said they were completely satisfied with the amount of training and professional development opportunities offered to them. As a first step towards achieving your career objectives, we invite you to regularly visit our event page and follow us on LinkedIn and keep abreast of the multiple training and networking opportunities available to you via the CFA UK.

As an industry, we strongly believe in the value of shared knowledge and experience. As this year’s campaign draws to an end, we would like to thank all our members who shared their experience and advice throughout September and contributed to building a better investment profession.