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Local Membership is evolving

CFA UK is dedicated to enhancing professionalism in the investment management sector by offering easily accessible and inclusive membership options to those working in the profession. 

Certificate in ESG Investing graduates welcomed as members

CFA UK’s renowned Certificate in ESG Investing has seen hundreds of finance professionals become part of the Society’s wider family. As part of CFA UK’s ongoing commitment both to the investment community and to sustainability, we are pleased to welcome graduates of the Certificate in ESG Investing to become Local Members of CFA UK. 

Local Membership offers boundless opportunities for professional advancement, individual growth and making new connections. For more information on the member exclusive benefits and how to apply visit our Local Membership webpage

Consolidation of Local Membership into a single category

Graduating from the Certificate in ESG Investing is the latest route to becoming a Local Member of CFA Society UK. 

To ensure simplicity and clarity around membership, all local membership categories will now fall under a single unified title of Local Membership, CFA Society UK. For instance, individuals that were IMC Members will now fall under the category of Local Member, CFA Society UK. Local members will still have access to all of their exclusive membership benefits and the use of the IMC, ASIP or IMD designations.

This consolidation of membership categories coincides with the start of improvements to enhance your online experience.