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Associate Exams (ASIP)

The Associate Examinations were broadly equivalent to the CFA Program qualification in content and rigour. They were phased out following the merger in 2000 of the Institute of Investment Management and Research (IIMR) and the London Society of Investment Professionals (LSIP), which led to the formation of CFA UK (formerly known as UK Society of Investment Professionals).

The Association Examinations were established in 1979 with five exam papers. In 1989 this was increased to eight exam papers and the qualification was upgraded to university degree level. In 1994 a final change was made to align with the development of the IMC qualification. This final iteration resulted in the qualification consisting of six examinations under the following chapters. 

  1. Economics & Applied Statistical Analysis
  2. Securities & Investments
  3. Interpretation of Accounts & Corporate Finance
  4. Portfolio Management
  5. Investment Regulation & Practice
  6. Case Study

Completion of the Associate Examinations enabled graduates to become Associates of the Society of Investment Professionals, now CFA UK. To use the ASIP designation you must have an active membership with CFA UK. 

Today there are circa 800 CFA UK members who hold the ASIP designation.