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Guidance about Recruitment Firms

WARNING – IMC exam registration and study materials

It has come to our attention that a number of recruitment firms are advertising jobs requiring IMC qualification/study. These recruitment firms have purported to offer applicants an IMC registration and study package, whereby the applicant makes an online payment through their website, or via a BACS payment to the company director, in order to obtain IMC study materials and be registered for the IMC exam. We are aware of the following specific firms:

  • Employer UK 
  • OMI Jobs
  • Financial Jobs UK

In the instances reported to us, applicants were not in fact registered for the IMC exam, and the study materials which were supplied were not the prescribed materials (which are regularly updated).Please note that the CFA UK has no agreements or arrangements with any providers of recruitment services.

Candidates wishing to register for the IMC (and obtain the prescribed study materials) should do so directly with the CFA UK, or with one of the training providers that are recognised by CFA UK.

CFA UK will always follow up all such reports of companies purporting to offer such services. If you believe that you have had dealings with such a company, or have any concerns, please contact us at