Behavioural Finance: The age of algorithms

Tuesday 20 November 2018

Head with keys and graphs


CFA UK’s fourth annual Behavioural Finance Conference explored the impact of an increasingly systematic and data driven approach to investing and what this means for markets and us as individuals.

“I’ve been interested in behavioural finance and wanted to learn more. The conference was insightful and brought to light how people’s instincts and intuition can influence their decisions. It’s made me want to explore a masters in behavioural finance.” Justin Beernaert, CFA

The conference was brought to you by our Behavioural Finance working group:

  • Can Esenbel, CFA, Investment Director, Monmouth Capital
  • Jacob Deppe, CFA, Head of Trading, Infinox Capital
  • Matthew Jones, CFA, Portfolio Manager, JP Morgan

Catch up on the sessions and insights presented at the event using the resources below.

Watch the presentations

Listen to the podcast

We partnered with the CSuite Podcast to create a dedicated podcast from the conference containing exclusive interviews with our speakers providing an overview of topics and issues discussed on the day.

Check out the event photos

See a selection of photographs captured at the conference.

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