Brothers in arms

Friday 3 May 2019

Weichenh Hung and Weiyen Hung

Weiyen Hung, CFA and Weicheng Hung are brothers, and members of the Society. They talk about growing up together, their involvement with CFA UK, and what it means to be in the same profession. 

PI: Where did you grow up?

Weiyen: We were born and grew up in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

PI: Describe your brother in three words…

Weiyen: Smart, practical, and fun 

Weicheng: Energetic, Enthusiastic & Entertaining.

PI: What’s your favourite memory of him?

Weiyen: We used to compete for the same toys when we are young, but now we are best mates! He is a fantastic travel mate so we explored so many places around the world together. He is a great fan of food so it makes our arrangements so easy.

Weicheng: We have travelled to many places together, such as Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Macao. It is not that common for 2 brothers to travel together, and to these many places in my opinion!

PI: What's the last thing you did together?

Weiyen: We are currently studying the same ACA exam after completing IMC, CFA, CIPM, and CAIA. Interestingly both of us are now working together whilst volunteering for CFA UK.

PI: How did you become interested, individually, in the investment profession?

Weicheng:  While investment can be viewed as a science with ever-growing empirical evidence and case studies, it also involves certain human elements. It is the hybrid nature of both scientific and artistic that made me interested in the investment field.

Weiyen: It all started with an internship I did back in my university days. I spent a summer at Scottish Widows Investment Partnership in 2007 (now Aberdeen Asset Management) and got a flavour of the industry. 

PI: Tell us a bit about your current role.

Weicheng: I am currently a front office corporate banking analyst, where my functions vary from credit analysis to loan portfolio monitoring. I enjoy the dynamic nature of my role as every transaction is unique and require comprehensive understanding to justify the credit recommendation.

Weiyen: I am currently a policy manager at the Bank of England. I cover all banking-related prudential regulations and provide policy support to all front line supervision teams to excel in their roles. I also work for the Department for Education as the chair of the Technical Level Financial Panel.

PI: What advice would you give investment professionals who are just starting the CFA Program?

Weiyen: Don't give up! It is a decision I never regretted taking. It is a hard but wonderful journey that will give you a stepping stone to a long and fulfilling career. I learned so much and met so many interesting people because of the CFA Program. 

Weicheng: This won't be a smooth journey, assuming you are planning to complete the whole 3-level program,  Nevertheless, never forget your motivation at the very beginning, as this will help you navigate through the gruelling progress.

PI: Complete the sentence: "CFA UK is..."

Weiyen: CFA UK is the best place to boost your career!

Weicheng:  CFA UK is my favourite place to meet friends in London! 


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