Telling stories with numbers

Monday 12 April 2021

Tim Harford,  economist, journalist and broadcaster talks about his book, How to make the world add up, and explores the fascinating world of statistics and numbers. Log in to CFA UK Discover to watch the full webinar. 



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Statistics are vital in helping to tell stories. They are seen in the papers, on social media and are heard in everyday conversation, and yet they can be doubted still.

But numbers, in the right hands, have the power to change the world for the better. In Tim Harford's book How to make the world add up, he draws on his experience as both an economist and presenter of the BBC's radio show More or less. In this webinar he will educate viewers on disinformation and obfuscation, bad research and misplaced motivation to find data and analysis that make communicating with numbers worthwhile.

Using 10 simple rules for understanding numbers, plus one golden rule, Tim's book explains how thinking carefully about the way numbers are sourced and presented, readers can look around and see with clarity how the world adds up.

Tim Harford, Author

Tim Harford is an economist, journalist and broadcaster. He is author of The next fifty things that made the modern economy, Messy, and the million-selling The undercover economist.

Tim is a senior columnist at the Financial Times, and the presenter of Radio 4’s More or Less. Tim has spoken at TED, PopTech and the Sydney opera house. He is an associate member of Nuffield College, Oxford and an honorary fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. Tim was made an OBE for services to improving economic understanding in the new year honours of 2019.



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