Helping to break down inclusion and diversity barriers in the investment industry

Thursday 4 June 2020

Investec Podcast

In this episode of the CFA UK I&D Podcast, the CFA UK Socio-economic Inclusion Working Group discuss the challenges faced by the investment industry in inclusion and diversity

Hosted by Kerrie McCabe, Business and Financial Strategist at Ninety One, the podcast features Duncan Coombe, who works in People and Organisation at Ninety One, and Kav Patel, who is in Global Organisation Development at Ninety One.  

In the show, Coombe highlights the importance of the industry to focus on leadership and commitment, pointing out the lack of “real senior firm level commitment to this as a concept.”

While Patel explains that it is vital to promote inclusion and diversity in the asset management sector, because “when you start to exclude based on their people background, colour of their skin, their gender, or any other matter, you’re instantly making things unfair. I certainly believe that everybody has potential in some format.”

Coombe adds that “any aspect of diversity and inclusion is not just for the benefit of those people who have been invited into the organisation. It liberates the entire organisation, it uplifts the spirit, the intelligence, the entire experience of being in a working community when you have a more dynamic and diverse environment.”


Kerrie McCabeKerrie McCabe is Business and Financial Strategist at Ninety One







Kav Patel

Kav Patel is Global Organisational Development at Ninety One







Duncan Coombe

  Duncan Coombe is People and Organisation at Ninety One and Adjunct Faculty at IMD Business School





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