Inclusion and Diversity Spotlight: Norbert Fullerton

Wednesday 21 October 2020

Norbert Fullerton

Brought to you by CFA UK’s Inclusion and Diversity Committee, this spotlight series highlights role models in the sector to help show and encourage diversity in the industry. 

The focus of this article is on Norbert Fullerton, Head of Institutional Client Strategy EMEA at Janus Henderson Investors.

Less than 1% of the investment management industry identify as black, African or Caribbean. A key factor in encouraging young black individuals to consider a career in investment management and financial services is having a clear role model. 

What does inclusion and diversity mean to you?

For me, inclusion and diversity (I&D) means that I recognise and value the differences and benefits that we bring, not just at work, but in all society, when we come together from all races, ethnicities, religions, genders etc. It also means that, as an ally/role model, I actively speak up and look out for opportunities to give of my time, and concentrated effort, to empower people, irrespective of their backgrounds, to thrive in their environment.

What do you think would be the best way to build a more inclusive & diverse industry?

For us to build a more I&D industry, I believe that we should all work together to purposefully elevate and promote people from a wide variety of backgrounds, to areas of responsibility and leadership. It also means that we all need to take small steps along the journey to try to see the world through the eyes of people who are different to us. It’s time to join many others who are taking action, in a wide variety of ways including talks, articles, innovative programs, etc. to ensure we remove all the obstacles that prevent our industry from being more diverse and inclusive.

What does your day-to-day job involve?

I’m responsible for the strategic thought leadership and investment solutions for our institutional clients. I also provide strategic input to the direction of the EMEA Institutional Business, marketing initiatives, and product development. I find ways for my firm to remain relevant to our institutional clients and consultants, by understanding their important needs and challenges. I also publish articles on strategic topics and speak at key industry events.

How did you get to where you are now?

I’ve benefited from a diverse career, having worked with clients in multiple countries and developed a variety of skills and talents, with a keen eye on problem solving. I’ve kept a very open mind in my career so far, willing to explore new areas of expertise, and enjoy learning from others.

After graduating with a maths degree from the University of the West Indies, I worked as a software engineer in Jamaica, and solved the IT problems of clients located around the Caribbean. I then moved to the UK to do my Masters at City, University of London in actuarial science and, later, qualified as an actuary. I’ve had the privilege of being a lead consultant to pension funds and other institutional investors in the UK, Europe and Africa. Then, a year ago, I switched to my current role in asset management.

In short, I believe my enthusiasm, energy and drive to learn new things throughout my career have brought out the best in me over the years.


Norbert Fullerton Norbert Fullerton, Head of Institutional Client Strategy EMEA at Janus Henderson Investors.





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