Investing for Tomorrow's Environment

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Sustainable finance represents an unparalleled opportunity to finance the transition to net zero and in a way that focuses on the material risks and opportunities that investors are faced with. But is the industry doing enough to push this to the forefront? What steps are needed to prioritise sustainability? And are investors fully aware of the opportunities that are emerging from the climate transition and nature?

CFA UK has partnered with Content with Purpose to bring together experts from across the investment profession and leaders from different groups to share their views on how the sector can work together to promote policies and regulation that cost externalities and supports the investment case for the transition.

In a series of digital films and content, we explore how the sector can both innovate and deliver risk-adjusted returns by leveraging investment skills, knowledge and tools in areas such as transition and green finance, impact investing, green and climate bonds, ESG funds, ESG data and sustainability reporting, systemic thinking, and policy frameworks (such as the UK Green Taxonomy.)

We believe our profession has the potential to shape market dynamics and drive transformative change. Through capital allocations, policymaking, stewardship and collaboration, investors can leverage their capital to advance long-term resilience through sustainable business models, renewable energy projects, and climate-aligned technologies; accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy and creating positive feedback loops that stimulate further sustainable investments.

The series is a call to action. Our profession has the capacity to catalyse the transition to a more sustainable and prosperous future for all. We also need the right policy and regulatory environment to do so. We need to engage in policy advocacy and to bring investment skills and knowledge to bear in evaluating and engaging with the transition to Net Zero.




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