To give every student the privilege of a private school network

Friday 11 December 2020

Open School

Author: Adam Lipman

Connecting top student talent with industry leaders

One of our core objectives at CFA UK is to build a better investment profession by finding tangible and practical ways to progress inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

At a recent online workshop, members from the CFA UK Social Inclusion working group, part of the Inclusion & Diversity Network, spoke to students from the Open Schools (OPS) Programme , a pioneering initiative that looks to give every student the privilege of a private school network.

The workshop provided a fantastic opportunity to connect experienced industry leaders with top student talent. Students learnt about the benefits of a career in investment and were challenged to see themselves making an impact in the industry.

The OPS Programme – redressing the imbalance

Vincent O Egunlae, co-founder of the programme says, “Our belief is that disadvantage starts with a lack of finance, but survives through a lack of exposure.”  

“Exposure to role models, exposure to networks, exposure to opportunity. This can make all this difference and provide the knowledge to confidently take that first step onto the ladder. We have made it our mission to provide these opportunities for all young adults.”

The OPS Programme enables disadvantaged students, who do not have access to a private school network, to join a tailored mentoring programme which runs over a six month period. Students develop a relationship with their mentor through a series of interactions, including meetings, phone calls and events.

After ‘graduation’ from the programme, the mentor, mentees and the OPS team come together for reflection. Graduates will also join the alumni network and be assigned a life mentor, so they can continue to access the role models, opportunities and networks necessary to become people of influence.

Become a mentor

CFA UK members have lots of experience and credibility in their field, and OPS would welcome your application to be a mentor on their Finance mentoring programme. There are many reasons to become a mentor to the younger generations, including:

  • Satisfaction in helping mentees grow
  • A sense of challenge/stimulation
  • Personal learning and development
  • Increased cultural/social awareness

Mentors play a significant role in a young person’s life. If you are interested in becoming the next mentor on the programme, get in touch with OPS.  

Vincent O Egunlae, Co-founder The Open Private School Vincent O Egunlae, Co-founder The Open Private School

Harry Little, Co-founder The Open Private School Harry Little, Co-founder The Open Private School

Jack Rubin, Co-founder The Open Private School  Jack Rubin, Co-founder The Open Private School 

Caroline Maile, Head of Operations The Open Private School  Caroline Maile, Head of Operations The Open Private School 

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