A spotlight on our volunteers

Wednesday 1 June 2022

Volunteers are the lifeblood of CFA Society UK and are part of everything we do for our members and for society.

Over the past year,  more than 450 dedicated professionals took the time to provide their expert perspective. To celebrate Volunteers Week 2022 we want to give you a taste of their incredible achievements so here five volunteers tell us what they have been most proud of.


Lindsey Matthews, CFA, Chair, CFA UK Board


Aneka Beneby, CFA, Black Professionals working group member


Ben Elvidge, CFA, Social Inclusion working group lead 


Elena Koycheva, CFA, Job Profiles working group member


David Clarke, CFA, Chair, Scottish Steering Committee


Join the Volunteers and Networks - Whether you can spare a few hours a week, once a fortnight or can give a couple of days each month, we’ll have a volunteering opportunity to suit your availability.  


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