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  • CFA UK response to FRC consultation on revisions to Corporate Governance Code

    CFA Institute's 2017 Environmental, Social and Governance Survey shows that ESG issues matter to clients and to CFA UK’s members. CFA UK’s recent response to the FRC’s consultation on the revisions to the Corporate Governance Code and its initial consultation on the future direction of the UK Stewardship Code were made with this backdrop in mind

  • Stewardship: The art of influential engagement from the Foothills to the forum

    A keynote presentation by Guy Jubb, Honorary Professor, University of Edinburgh Business School

    My purpose today is to set the scene and my talk is one of two halves. In the first, I want to share life in the foothills of corporate governance. We are all creatures of our past and history is a critical dimension of context. In the second half, I want to focus on stewardship engagement and give you some tips.

  • Challenging the passive risk management | CFA UK

    Analysing inflation and productivity statistics, Greenspan concluded that the reason inflation remained subdued and immune to its traditional influences was that the economy was experiencing a ‘productivity miracle’.

  • Hedge fund lite: All the taste but none of the calories?

    Even amongst many professional investors, mention of hedge funds is liable to prompt a tirade against egregious fees,followed perhaps by disparaging comments about lacklustre performance and short termism.

  • Working for change

    ‘As the banking system continues to de-risk, strengthening that bridge could well strengthen both the financial system and the wider economy.’