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Interviews with industry leaders - highlighting issues, interests and insights into today’s investment profession.

The In Conversation podcast series is brought to you by the CFA UK Content Steering Committee – speaking to key industry thinkers giving new perspectives.

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Episode 7 – In Conversation: Business models for the banking sector are under a lot of pressure

In this episode of CFA UK’s ‘In Conversation’ podcast series, Alan Livsey, CFA talks to James Davis, Partner at consultancy firm Oliver Wyman, about how the banking sector is coping with the recession in the UK and why the industry is likely to continue reducing headcount


Episode 6 – In Conversation: Building an inclusive and diverse culture

Anne Richards, CEO of Fidelity speaks to Ben Elvidge, Lead of the Socio-Economic Inclusion Working Group about rising to the top after starting in the industry as an outsider and the challenges of building an inclusive culture.


Episode 5 – In Conversation: Why investment opportunities in Asia after Covid-19 are in wellbeing

In the fifth episode of our ‘In Conversation’ podcast, Bo Huang, CFA talks to Heather Manners, CEO of Prusik Investment Management about why companies focused on wellbeing, home comforts and infrastructure are good investments opportunity following Covid-19.


Episode 4 – In Conversation: Reality will drag markets back down next year

In the fourth episode of our ‘In Conversation’ series, recorded in June, Alan Livsey, CFA, talks to Robert Buckland, Equity Strategist at Citi about what happens to the markets when the cheap money pumped in by the central banks runs out.


Episode 3 – In Conversation: Firms are still in hiring mode

In the third episode of our ‘In Conversation’ series, recorded in June, Alan Livsey, CFA, talks to Sebastian Lewis, CFA, Director of European Research at Bernstein, about workplace practices and recruitment and why he is confident demand for thoroughly researched investment views is still there.


Episode 2 – In Conversation: Investors looking at both profit and purpose following Covid-19

In the second episode of our ‘In Conversation’ series, recorded in June, Alan Livsey, CFA talks to Jessica Alsford, Global Head of Sustainability Research at Morgan Stanley about how the S (Social) in ESG is becoming more prevalent for investors since the Covid-19 crisis.




Episode 1: ‘Nothing has been seen like this – ever!’

Alan Livsey, CFA, Lex Research Editor at the Financial Times talks to David Owen, Chief European Financial Economist at Jefferies International, about what to expect in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis.

Recorded in June 2020



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