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Episode 50: Navigating neurodiversity in the investment industry

Host Arun Kelshiker CFA catches up with Miren-Edurne De Frutos, in an honest conversation about her disclosure of her neurodiversity to her employer and her experience of being neurodiverse in the investment industry. Miren looks back at her childhood diagnosis of a rare form of epilepsy and then in adulthood, her diagnosis of ADHD and dyslexia. Initially, Miren sought further qualifications with additional adjustments, but ultimately disclosed her diagnosis with her management team, who responded positively. Miren shares her passion about using the seat at the table she has at her firm to create infrastructure for earlier diagnosis and better support and awareness throughout the investment industry.

Episode 49: Unlocking female talent in the workplace

In celebration of International Women’s Day Juliet Bullick, Head of Strategic Initiatives at Fidelity International caught up with Baroness Helena Morrissey, DBE to talk about how unlocking and supporting female talent in the industry will enhance their careers and improve gender parity in the industry. The discussion revolves around the perplexing statistic that only one in ten portfolio managers are women, and how initiatives such as the Diversity Project Pathway Programme and the Young Women in Investment Program are moving the dial on recruitment and retention of women in investment.


Episode 48: What you need to know about your retirement

Henrietta Grimston is an Associate Director of Financial Planning at Evelyn Partners. During CFA UK’s ‘In Conversation Podcast’, Grimston talked to Maha Khan Phillips about what the future of retirement is going to look like, and why planning early is critical for individual retirement outcomes.


Episode 47: The future of the workplace

Sue Asprey-Price sits on the Work Dynamics Global Executive Board and leads the Work Dynamics business for JLL in EMEA. During CFA UK’s ‘In Conversation Podcast’, Asprey-Price talked to Maha Khan Phillips about how the workplace is evolving, and examined some of the key considerations for businesses, as well as employees.


Episode 46 – Making Money from Trees

Sarah Clawson is Head of Global Investor Relations at New Forests, the global investment manager of nature based real assets and natural capital strategies. In CFA UK’s ‘In Conversation Podcast’, Clawson talked to Maha Khan Phillips about how forestry has evolved as an asset class, and key considerations for investment.


Episode 45 – Ethics of AI in investment management

In this episode of the In Conversation podcast series Monica Dong, Regulatory Lead at Citi and a member of CFA UK’s Ethics Committee sits down with Rhodri Preece, CFA to discuss the ethical considerations regarding the use of AI in investment Management. They explore how AI is being used across the industry, as well as the opportunities and challenges around AI.


Episode 44 – Inflation & Interest - More Volatility to Come? 

In this episode Alan Livsey, CFA, LEX Editor at the Financial Times chats with Alberto Gallo, CFA, CIO & Co-founder of Andromeda Capital Management. They discuss the dramatic shift in perceptions towards inflation and interest rates and what that means for the markets. Together they endeavour to predict the answers to the following questions:

  • Has the multi-decade bull market paused, or ended?
  • Will central banks have to hike even higher next year?
  • What will that mean for the job and credit market across the world?
  • Has the worst passed for the UK gilt market?
  • Looking at global economies currently, what can we expect to see in 2023?



Episode 43 – Crypto and ESG 

Tatjana Puhan is Deputy Chief Investment Officer at TOBAM, which became the first European asset manager to launch a Bitcoin fund in Europe in 2017. For CFA UK’s ‘In Conversation’ Podcast, Puhan talked to Maha Khan Phillips about sustainability and cryptocurrencies, technological innovation, and what the future may hold in a blockchain world.



Episode 42 – Trauma and investing 

Professor Raghu Rau is the Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Professor of Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School. In CFA UK’s ‘In Conversation’ Podcast, Rau talked to Maha Khan Phillips about a study that examines how traumatic childhood events can go on to impact a fund manager’s investment performance decades later.



Episode 41 – Menopause at Work

Today, 18 October, is World Menopause Day. For too long menopause has been an under-discussed, and underfunded area of women’s health, and because of this there is a fundamental societal misunderstanding of the impact it has on women. David Clarke, CFA chats with Victoria McLean, CEO, City CV about the symptoms of menopause and ways business can adapt to create a menopause friendly workplace.



Episode 40 – The Art of Networking

In this episode of the In Conversation podcast series Lisa Lewin, CFA, is joined by Alisa Grafton, Author and practising Scrivener Notary and partner to discuss the art of networking. She will explain how to build authentic relationships based on her four-point approach. Alisa argues that the most effective networking is when you approach it first as an opportunity to ‘give’ rather than looking for what you will ‘receive’. Then, Alisa shares a few ways in which you can start to create deeper relationships despite the lack of interaction in a virtual networking setting.



Episode 39 –Geopolitical Risk and the Investment Landscape

Aneeka Gupta, CFA, is Director of Macroeconomic Research at WisdomTreeIn CFA UK’s ‘In Conversation’ Podcast, Gupta talks to Maha Khan Phillips about the rising spectre of geopolitical riskand its impact on the investment landscape.



Episode 38 – Behavioural Finance and Playing Tennis: Evolving Approaches 

The world of behavioural analysis has shifted significantly since its origins in the 1970s and 1980s. Discussing its evolution, Rick Di Mascio, Chief Executive of Inalytics - the firm which has compiled the largest private database of institutional investor transactions globally in order to identify investment skill – examined some of the reasons behind the growth of behavioural analysis and discussed how approaches are changing.


Episode 37 – When empires fall: Lessons from history 

In this episode of the In Conversation podcast series Ben Ashby is joined by former trader and hedge fund manager David Murrin who is now an author, consultant and public speaker who asserts that Europe and the US are in decline, partially due to the Covid pandemic, and the war in Ukraine. He argues that by looking at patterns in history we can see that we are entering an era of volatility and increased danger.  

This recording was originally a webinar organised by CFA UK’s Fixed Income special interest group in March 2022 



Episode 36 – Assessing The Prominence of Supply Chain Risks in Emerging Markets

“Harmonised supply chain data is just not there yet, so you have to do the work yourself.”

In this episode of the In Conversation podcast series, Oliver MacArthur, CFA, member of the CFA ESG working group, is joined by Anthony Linehan, CFA, Partner, Portfolio Manager and Head of ESG Strategy at Somerset Capital Management LLP. Together they discuss why supply chain risks are more prominent in emerging markets and how they impact emerging market companies and their investors.


Episode 35 –Setting the tone from the top on DEI

To celebrate Pride Month, this episode of the In Conversation podcast series sees Daniel Yates, CFA, Executive Director at J.P. Morgan speak to Julia Hoggett, the first openly gay chief executive officer of the London Stock Exchange in its 300-year history. Julia explores a number of important topics about DEI with Daniel, including the importance of Pride, the investment industry’s approach to diversity on boards, and shares essential advice for the next generation.


Episode 34 – Why levels of trust in financial services have reached an all time high

In this episode of the In Conversation podcast series, Rhodri Preece, CFA Senior Head of Research at CFA Institute, is joined by Rebecca Fender, CFA Head of Strategy and Governance for Research, Advocacy, and Standards at CFA Institute. Together they discuss how trust is at the heart of all financial transactions and, following the recently published 2022 CFA Institute Investor Trust Survey, how levels of trust are at an all-time high.

So what are the factors that have influenced this change and what impact that it can have on the profession as a whole?


Episode 33 – Guiding the industry on improving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In this episode of the In Conversation podcast series, Alan Livsey, CFA, is joined by Sarah Maynard, ASIP Global Head of External Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) at CFA Institute, to discuss the launch of a new DEI code in the US and Canada earlier this year. The code has been designed to drive the industry DEI agenda forward and define key principles for firms to implement. Helping those from underrepresented communities looking to enter the industry, and afford opportunities to those already in it to build a more inclusive investment profession.


Episode 32 – The "End of Everything" Bubble

In this episode of the In Conversation podcast series, David Clarke, CFA, is joined by Alasdair (Sandy) Nairn, CFA, a leader in investment management representing a varied career from Scotland to the US and back. From his current position as chair of the Templeton Global Equity Group he has taken time to review his analysis and discuss the evidence of excess in the markets, exploring the danger behind every single investable asset class, and asking the inevitable question ‘is the bubble about to burst?’


Episode 31 – The path to net zero: Understanding the role of climate in investment decision-making

In this episode of the In Conversation podcast series, Alan Livsey, CFA, is joined by Monica Filkova, CFA, a specialist on sustainable finance in climate change for investment. Monica’s expertise focuses on climate finance, green bonds, sustainability disclosures, fixed income, and structured finance. Monica served the CFA UK ESG Panel which developed the Certificate in ESG Investing, and now leads the CFA UK CCI Panel, launching the new Certificate in Climate & Investing in February 2022. As Climate Change and ESG Manager at Aviva, Monica shares her story and the importance of sustainability in finance today.


Episode 30 – In Conversation: Challenges in asset management

In this episode of the In Conversation podcast series, David Clarke, CFA talks to Martin Gilbert, Co-founder and CEO of Aberdeen Asset Management about his achievements in the investment industry and what makes a successful fund manager.


Episode 29 – In Conversation: Driving inclusion and diversity with the Black Professionals Working Group

In this episode of the In Conversation podcast series, Alan Livsey, CFA, Lex Research Editor, Financial Times speaks to Natalie Gregoire-Skeete, CFA FRM, Senior Manager in sustainability regulatory issues for EY's financials team. Alan interviews Natalie on being a founding member of the Black Professionals working group at CFA UK. Learn more about the motivations behind the network in aiming to connect 100 black professionals. Plus, the link between diversity and the S in ESG in the financial sector.



Episode 28 – In Conversation: Inspiring the next generation of investment professionals

Lindsey Stewart, CFA, Head of Stakeholder Engagement at the Financial Reporting Council, talks with Rachel Green, Founder of the Skills Workshop about what those who work in the investment industry can collectively do to empower young people to kick start their investment careers.



Episode 27 – In Conversation: Value investing strategy and Benjamin Graham

Alan Livsey, CFA talks with John Citron, a previous winner of the 2017 Essay Competition, about Benjamin Graham's writing, how his principles could be applied in the modern investment world and how he would consider ESG factors today.

Apply for the 2021 Essay Competition by visiting



Episode 26 – In Conversation: The City of London has made strides on inclusion and diversity, but there is more to do

Alderman Tim Hailes could one day be the first openly gay Lord Mayor of the City of London. He talks to Daniel Yates, CFA, about LGBTQ+ representation in the Square Mile, and the importance of building inclusive cultures.


Episode 25 – In Conversation: How to Balance Growth and Sustainability

David Clarke, CFA speaks with Kate Fox, Investment Manager for the £550m Baillie Gifford Positive Change fund, one of the top performers in the IA Global sector.


Episode 24 – In Conversation: CFA UK Chairman Daniel Murray: On helping build a better Investment Profession

CFA UK Chairman Daniel Murray, CFA speaks with Alan Livsey, CFA on his career so far, as well as a look into the future of CFA UK.


Episode 23 – In Conversation: The 100 Black Interns Summer 2021 Programme

Dawid Konotey-Ahulu, co-founder of sits down with Andrew Parry from Newton Investment Management to discuss his career, and the importance of the 100 Black Interns project in today's investment profession.


Episode 22 – In Conversation: The Role of the Investment Profession in Building Back Better

David Clarke, CFA speaks with Keith Skeoch, Non-executive Chairman of the Aberdeen Standard Investments Research Institute and former CEO of Standard Life Aberdeen. They discuss the role of the investment profession in building back better post COVID-19


Episode 21 – In Conversation: Driving diversity of black professionals in asset management

Sangeeta Chawla, CFA, speaks to Gavin Lewis, Managing Director at BlackRock, cover some of his experience of progressing through the investment industry as a black professional.


Episode 20 – In Conversation: Financial repression and Covid-19

Join David Clarke, CFA in conversation with Russell Napier, FSIP on the outlook for the next few decades post COVID-19 and the impacts for investment managers.


Episode 19 – In Conversation: Is Neurodiversity the next paradigm shift in Inclusion and Diversity?

Marilyn Swinney, CFA and Alicja Nocon, authors of the recent Professional Investor article of the same name, discuss Neurodiversity in the Investment Profession with Arun Kelshiker, CFA..


Episode 18 – In Conversation: Why is CFA UK focusing on ESG Investing?

Alan Livsey, CFA catches up with Will Goodhart, Chief Executive of CFA UK. They discuss CFA UK's new Climate Change Certificate, and the thinking behind the now global Certificate in ESG Investing.


Episode 17 – In Conversation: The Open private School

Join Vincent O Egunlae, Co-founder The Open Private School, and Ben Elvidge, Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, to discuss The Open Private School, a new initiative to help create a more inclusive investment profession.


Episode 16 – In Conversation: Looking Ahead in European Markets

Join Alan Livsey, CFA in conversation with Elise Badoy, CFA, Deputy Head of Research EMEA at Citi. They discuss the outlook for European markets, the rise of M&A, and more.


Episode 15 – In Conversation: How ESG Principles are Making a Difference in Corporate Credit Markets

Listen to Alan Livsey, CFA, talk to Justin McGowan and Duncan Sankey, Partners at Cheyne Capital, about how ESG principles are making a difference in the areas of corporate credit. Learn how the dynamics and factors of ESG work within the context of credit markets and the investment strategies behind it..


Episode 14 – In Conversation: Will Renewables Overcome the Big Challenges Needed to De-Carbonise and Generate Returns?

Listen to Alan Livsey, CFA, talk to Deepa Venkateswaran, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Senior Analyst - European Utilities at AB Bernstein, about the electricity market in the UK/Europe and how renewable energy is taking a share of the market.


Episode 13 – In Conversation: Adapting Portfolio Risk During the Pandemic

Join Bo Huang, CFA in conversation with Vito Menza, Managing Director & Assistant Portfolio Manager at Sandler Capital Management, to hear about how Sandler are adapting risk in response to the developing Covid-19 pandemic.


Episode 12 – In Conversation: Managing Value Portfolios During Covid-19

Listen to Bo Huang, CFA talk to Caroline Cai, CFA, Managing Principal and Portfolio Manager at Pzena, on her approach to managing value portfolios during the pandemic.


Episode 11 – In Conversation: How the landscape of Green Bonds is evolving

Listen to Alan Livsey, CFA, talk to David Zahn, CFA, Head of European Fixed Income at Franklin Templeton, about the special role of green bonds in helping reduce carbon emissions, the first-ever sovereign green bond issued by Germany, and the interesting development of dual issuance.


Episode 10 – In Conversation: Building high performing teams in a virtual environment

In the tenth episode of our 'In Conversation' podcast Bo Huang, CFA, talks to Emma Cleveland, Founder and Managing Director at Cleveland & Co, a legal advisory firm, about her views on how to manage a high performing diverse team during the Covid-19 global health crisis and tips on how to be a good leader outside of a traditional office set-up.



Episode 9 – In Conversation: Advancing black leaders in the industry

Listen to TinaShe Tande, CFA, from CFA UK’s Inclusion and Diversity Committee talks to Tia Counts about JP Morgan’s Advancing Black Leaders Programme and how to make the workforce more inclusive.



Episode 8 – In Conversation: How human decision making has changed since Covid-19

In this episode of our 'In Conversation' podcast Alan Livsey, CFA, talks to Christian Hunt, Founder of behavioural science consultancy firm, Human Risk, about why Covid-19 is the world's largest behavioural science experiment.



Episode 7 – In Conversation: Business models for the banking sector are under a lot of pressure

In this episode of CFA UK’s ‘In Conversation’ podcast series, Alan Livsey, CFA talks to James Davis, Partner at consultancy firm Oliver Wyman, about how the banking sector is coping with the recession in the UK and why the industry is likely to continue reducing headcount.



Episode 6 – In Conversation: Building an inclusive and diverse culture

Anne Richards, CEO of Fidelity speaks to Ben Elvidge, Lead of the Socio-Economic Inclusion Working Group about rising to the top after starting in the industry as an outsider and the challenges of building an inclusive culture.



Episode 5 – In Conversation: Why investment opportunities in Asia after Covid-19 are in wellbeing

In the fifth episode of our ‘In Conversation’ podcast, Bo Huang, CFA talks to Heather Manners, CEO of Prusik Investment Management about why companies focused on wellbeing, home comforts and infrastructure are good investments opportunity following Covid-19.



Episode 4 – In Conversation: Reality will drag markets back down next year

In the fourth episode of our ‘In Conversation’ series, recorded in June, Alan Livsey, CFA, talks to Robert Buckland, Equity Strategist at Citi about what happens to the markets when the cheap money pumped in by the central banks runs out.



Episode 3 – In Conversation: Firms are still in hiring mode

In the third episode of our ‘In Conversation’ series, recorded in June, Alan Livsey, CFA, talks to Sebastian Lewis, CFA, Director of European Research at Bernstein, about workplace practices and recruitment and why he is confident demand for thoroughly researched investment views is still there.



Episode 2 – In Conversation: Investors looking at both profit and purpose following Covid-19

In the second episode of our ‘In Conversation’ series, recorded in June, Alan Livsey, CFA talks to Jessica Alsford, Global Head of Sustainability Research at Morgan Stanley about how the S (Social) in ESG is becoming more prevalent for investors since the Covid-19 crisis.



Episode 1: ‘Nothing has been seen like this – ever!’

Alan Livsey, CFA, Lex Research Editor at the Financial Times talks to David Owen, Chief European Financial Economist at Jefferies International, about what to expect in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis.

Recorded in June 2020



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