Review of UK Assessment of Value Reports

Friday 29 January 2021

Starting from 30 September 2019, the FCA required UK Fund Boards to publish an 'Assessment of Value Statement' within 4 months of their year-end; these statements were for fund managers to lay-out the value their fund was providing to its retail investors. Each report was proscribed to cover 7 distinct criteria - broadly grouped under the categories of Quality of Service, Net Performance and Costs & Charges. This CFA UK report publishes the findings of a volunteer working group which reviewed over 100 of these reports in their first year of publication and makes recommendations for fund managers and the FCA as to how to make these reports more useful in the future.


Members of the CFA UK Assessment of Value Working Group: Joe Steidl, CFA; Wolfgang Bauer, CFA; Andy Burton; Siqi Ding, CFA; Jonathan Francis, CFA; Natalie Gregoire-Skeete, CFA; Oscar Hjalmes.



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