Start-ups in UK asset management

Tuesday 12 November 2019

This study looks at the barriers to entry and, more importantly, the barriers to success for start-up companies in those sectors of the UK asset management industry which directly face the consumer and interprets how that influences competition. To gain a well-rounded view, we drew on the experience of a range of stakeholders: CFA UK members, start-up company management teams, regulators, trade associations, research providers and consultants. The purpose of this paper is to understand how easily start-ups can establish profitable and successful operations in the UK asset management sector."



Members of the CFA UK Competition Working Group: Jason Baran, CFA, Alex Bogdanovskij, CFA, Andy Burton,Dario Maglione, CFA, Brishni Mukhopadhyay, CFA, Esther Perkins, CFA, Scott Tindle,
CFA, Bixuan Xu and Joy Yang, CFA (Chair).



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