Tim Nuding, CFA

Membership committee

“The Membership Committee aims to create “grass roots” enthusiasm for CFA UK membership based on the motto ‘CONNECT, GROW, LEAD’. Connect with fellow members to share ideas, develop contacts and obtain referrals. Grow with critical knowledge, skills and solutions for yourself, colleagues and clients.  Lead in your career, profession, industry and society to make a difference.”


Tim Nuding, CFA
Membership Committee Chair


Tim Nuding, CFA

Main responsibilities

  • Contribute to Board’s development and realisation of a vision for member engagement and membership growth.
  • Support and advise the staffed office on measures to improve member engagement and initiatives to promote membership growth.
  • Devise strategies with the staffed office to support the Board’s priorities for enhancing the volunteer experience and increasing volunteers’ contribution to the society’s success. 
  • Lead and support the development of the Ambassadors Program and Special Interest Groups.
  • Advise on membership feedback surveys to inform satisfaction with the membership value proposition.
  • Liaise with all member services committees to be aware of developments that affect the membership experience.
  • Review and advise the Board and staffed office on all policies relating to membership and volunteers. 

Areas of focus for 2017/18

  • Communicate feedback from the 2017 CFA UK member survey to the appropriate internal stakeholders and recommend improvements to services based on members’ feedback. 
  • Create a framework for unbundling and measuring the value of CFA UK membership to better articulate value to members, increase engagement and inform resource allocation.
  • Strengthen the governance of the Ambassador Council and further shape, clarify and communicate the value proposition of the Ambassador Program.
  • Propose and implement a new framework to streamline and more effectively engage Special Interest Groups with the aim of encouraging stronger communities.
  • Inform and support staff on the value proposition for life-long learning to improve membership retention and growth in the IMC and CFA candidate membership categories.