Networks Steering Committee

The committee aims to enhance engagement and experience where members can exchange ideas, experience different cultures, and create opportunities for team bonding through participation in fun events thereby promoting a sense of belonging, helping to reach out to more organisations through event participants thus advancing the mission of the society on ethics and standards.

Ivana Miladinovic
Senior Analyst of Global Equities at StonePine Asset Management, Networks Steering Committee Chair



Main responsibilities

The Networks Steering Committee exists to lead in setting the strategic framework for CFA UK’s social and networking programme of events and volunteer engagements.

  • Enhance engagement and experience through participation in social events through the year
  • Promote the society's mission to members and their organisations
  • Receive informal feedback from members regarding their expectations from the Society
  • Create cohesive subgroups along the lines of personal interests of members including sports, wine tasting, pub quizzes, themed cultural evenings, etc.
  • Monthly pub meets to facilitate networking amongst members with special interest 
  • Drive and grow CFA UK's Special Interest Groups