Daniel Murray

Nominating committee


The Nominating Committee reports its nominations for Directors in writing to the Board in sufficient time to allow the Board to recommend selected candidates to the annual general meeting of the Society and, this year, the Committee will do so at the Board’s September meeting.

Daniel Murray, CFA
 Deputy CIO & Global Head of Research at EFG Asset Management, Nominating Committee Chair

Daniel Murray

Main responsibilities

The role of the Nominating committee is to propose potential directors of the society who:

  • Are considered most likely to represent and serve the society well
  • Will provide the society with a Board that reflects the society's diverse membership to a reasonable extent and
  • Who will assist the society to achieve its objectives and desired structure as reported on by the Board.

The Nominating Committee is appointed by the Board and comprises five individuals as follows:

  • The predecessor to the society’s current Chairman who will act as chairman of the Nominating Committee for a two year term; and
  • Three directors who are not eligible for re-election that year and who do not hold the executive offices; and
  • One person who is either a senior member or other distinguished member of the profession of financial analysis and who the Nominating Committee believes is unlikely to stand to become a member of the Board at any time in the future.