Anne Marden

Professionalism steering committee

With so many important issues facing the investment profession, it is critical that our members’ voices are heard with regulators and policy makers and that our profession is seen as reputable and trustworthy by society. 

Suzanne Hsu, CFA,
Director and MLRO, Project Imagine, Professionalism Steering Committee Chair

Anne Marden

Main responsibilities

  • Help improve the reputation of the investment profession through dialogue and engagement around the issues that affect our profession, our members and society
  • Ensure our members have a voice in developments in professional standards and regulation that are likely to affect the investment profession
  • Engage CFA UK members in the committee's work
  • Draft responses, position papers and other materials relating to professionalism and investment practices
  • Provide input to CFA Institute's international work
  • Promote the value that our profession delivers to society