Scottish committee


We are delighted to be taking on this role at such an important juncture for our profession and industry. Our aims for the year are about making the society more relevant to its members in Scotland and tailoring our activities to our specific local needs. We want to be more than just a programme of events – we want to consider how the society can address the important issues we face, from careers through to our contribution to society at large. 

David Clarke, CFA
Consultant, Scottish Committee Chair

Main responsibilities

  • Ensure CFA UK is relevant to its members in Scotland
  • Build a stronger network of members in Scotland and increase the participation rate among Scottish members
  • Explore how CFA UK can address the important issues and challenges faced in Scotland
  • Enable the profession to engage with newer industries and important initiatives, such as those related to diversity and sustainability
  • Extend the outreach to external organisations, including trade groups and the Scottish Government