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Studies have shown that corporate cultures welcoming diversity – including different perspectives – are stronger and more resilient. The CFA UK Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Network is building a better investment profession by finding practical ways to progress diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. We support our members and firms with practical steps to improve workplace diversity, equity and inclusion in the investment profession.  
We believe that for investment firms to effectively implement and leverage the benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion, they must apply well-designed strategies implemented both from the top down (senior leadership) and the bottom up (managers and employees). The outcomes for improvement in these areas rest on evidence of better performance and closer alignment between firms and their clients.

Why join the CFA UK DEI Network?

By joining the CFA UK DEI Network, you will not only become part of a passionate community of investment professionals committed to changing the profession. You will also get exclusive insights, opportunities to influence and attend networking and educational events to help you make connections that are invaluable to your professional development.  

Exclusive events and learning

Members have access to events featuring industry leaders focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion in investment, career advancement, leadership, coaching skills and what it takes to be successful in the profession.


You can leverage the CFA UK network of members and supporting firms with opportunities available for sponsors, speakers and venue hosts. There are countless opportunities for members to get together to build strong bonds outside of your immediate contacts. 

Thought leadership

CFA UK is dedicated to elevating the voice of our members, whether this is through articles, podcasts or webinars. Through the DEI Network, you can submit your ideas.  

Gain exclusive access to member only content , on topics such as gender diversity, cultural awareness at work and the application of DEI practices in the workplace.  

Industry insight

Each year CFA UK embarks on the DEI Survey which measures the views of members on inclusion and diversity in the UK investment profession. By taking part, you receive exclusive insight on where the industry is progressing (or stagnating) in areas of DEI to help inform your professional actions.  

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We invite all investment management professionals to join the CFA UK Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Network to help us promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

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