Behavioural Finance working group conference - explore the outcomes

Most investment models are based around the ideal that investment professionals make decisions as rational individuals. However the reality is that humans are not rational beings. Behavioural Finance helps us as investment professional understand how we make decisions and this year’s CFA UK conference tackled the topic from a new angle, thanks to the Behavioural Finance working group.  

Instead of looking at just the theory, the group challenged themselves to bring CFA UK members a conference about the application of behavioural finance models to the everyday investment situation and with great success.

The Behavioural Finance working group, Can Esenbel, CFA Matt Jones, CFA and Jacob Deppe, CFA, worked hard to find variety of speakers ranging from Academics to Practitioners, and received some great praise from attendees.

I’ve been interested in Behavioural Finance and wanted to learn more. The conference was insightful and brought to light how people’s instincts and intuition can influence their decisions. It’s made me want to explore a Masters in Behavioural Finance.”

Here’s what the working group lead, Can Esenbel, CFA, had to say about pulling this conference together:

Our main priority this year as the behavioural finance working group was organising the conference. Crafting the conference was often challenging but always enjoyable – our aim was to build on the learnings from past conferences while also asking fresh questions. We are lucky to have a great team at CFA UK who made everything happen and were always fully engaged and proactive. We feel the result cements this as one of the best behavioural finance conferences in the UK and it is really satisfying being part of that. “

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