CFA UK Finance Committee spotlight

Finance Committee

Have you thought about volunteering with the Finance Committee? 

The CFA UK Finance Committee is currently recruiting two new members. The committee is aiming to increase its diversity in terms of gender, culture, professional experience and age to ensure the group reflects the views of members as well as encouraging different approaches.

There are currently five members on the committee. Their main responsibility is to ensure the long-term financial stability of CFA UK. Members of the committee review and have oversight of CFA UK’s management and statutory reporting, forecasts, risk management and reserves from the information prepared by the CFA UK staffed office.

The next 18 months will be important as a key priority of the Board is CFA UK’s IT systems transformation, including a new CRM and ecommerce system. The finance committee will have oversight of the spend for the project, with the IT committee having oversight of the systems.

Committee members at CFA UK report back that they find volunteering useful as it broadens their networks, enhances their careers and enables them to obtain diverse skills and experience, whilst giving back to the Society. 

If you are a qualified accountant and have the appropriate technical skills, soft skills and qualifications this could be a rewarding opportunity. You can learn more about the Finance Committee from Chair, Matt Lonergan, CFA on our boards and committees page with more information about the role description here. Please feel free to contact to apply or to find out more.