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Professionalism impact through the Fund Objective working groupĀ 

Congratulations to the Fund Objectives, Benchmarks and Performance Fees working group:

Alex Searle, Ali Murtaza and Yannis Kapparkis and lead by Helen Thomas. 


Recruited in under 3 weeks at the start of June, in less than a month they have formulated a response to the CP 18/19 Consultation paper


In working together so professionally and diligently, making time in their busy working lives to volunteer, they have enabled the Society to provide a thoughtful and considered response on one of the FCA's proposed remedies to potentially harmful market practices identified by the FCA previously in their Asset Management Market Study published last year.


"Much like the medical and legal professions, the investment profession has a profound impact on people's lives as well as society. ‎Hence the need to promote and adhere to the highest standards."


“It was rewarding to be part of a very relevant and current industry issue and I benefitted from meeting and working with new people. Attending the Professionalism meeting was a highlight and it was very useful to learn about how the Society has a whole interacts with the industry.”

Alex Searle, CFA:  CFA UK Member, Fund Objectives Working Group