Introducing the Content and Networks steering committee


 We are pleased to announce the creation of the Content and Networks Steering Committee, established in response to feedback from our membership to help streamline the content and events delivered to our membership. 

This is all part of the evolution of CFA UK’s volunteering structure.

What difference will they make?

Rather than having individual committees focus on their respective areas, the CN Steering Committee will generate a holistic content calendar and event plan to better meet the needs of our membership. It will also work to develop and coordinate networks such as special interest groups, which in turn will drive content.

Content, events and networks will be driven by working groups that will form to tackle particular subject matter areas and outputs. For instance, one working group may be delivering a specific conference and another might be creating content around a particular subject such as disruption, ESG or fintech.

“Volunteers who join any working groups of the CN Steering Committee will be able to make a meaningful contribution to the society, shaping its events and designing some of the content of its programmes. This will hopefully be a rewarding and productive experience.”

This should allow better use of the expertise of the CFA UK’s membership to deliver great content to the rest of the membership, but with a time limited commitment for volunteers.  Overall, this should allow better coordination and quality of events/content and with more focus on the wants and needs of the membership.  

How will the changes happen?

The CN Steering committee has already met once to set out the calendar for the next year with the main topics and is looking to restructure some of the events so that they are delivered in a more approachable manner.  We are looking at individual existing committees to see how they fit into this new structure and recruiting new volunteers to numerous working groups that are forming to deliver a comprehensive schedule of events and content.

Please let us know how you would like to be involved in planning events, content and networks and if there are specific areas you would like to work on. You can apply to be on any of the working groups or if you would like to get involved in setting strategy we are looking for a few people to join the steering committee. You can email CFA UK’s Volunteer Development Manager, Marissa Charles, with any enquiries: 

David Zahn, CFA
CFA UK Board Member, Content and Networks Steering Committee Chair

Gillian Elcock
CFA UK Content and Networks Steering Committee Vice Chair